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My first session was a gift to me by my friend Nikki Elledge Brown, I think that in itself sums up how good Michelle is. After one session I was hooked and have been working with her ever since, I’ve also bought sessions for friends, because I wanted them to get to experience how transformational working with Michelle is.

I’m always so excited for my sessions with Michelle, because I always feel so much lighter after working with her – everything feels clearer. I love how she does my cards before our calls and then tells me what they show, it’s always bang on. I also love how she includes visualisations, tapping and affirmations, because for me working with a coach is about getting unstuck and moving forward and that is exactly what Michelle helps me to do. As an entrepreneur it can be insanely overwhelming, stressful and chaotic and Michelle helps me to pull things back and move past it all – that is worth every penny and more.

Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association International
November 2015

I have been working with psychic mediums for over 30 years. I have super high standards & I can honestly say that Michelle is one of THE best in the world!

Her readings are extremely accurate, she is an absolute pleasure to work with & I always receive what I intend to get out of the reading. (and then some!)

My readings with Michelle have played a HUGE role in the work & the life that I’ve been deliberately creating. I always leave our calls feeling clear, excited, inspired & most importantly, with a solid belief in myself & what I’m creating. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her in this way. If you have the chance to work with her TAKE IT!

Easy Peasy LOA


I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars (literally almost $100k) in business programs, coaching and strategy sessions. Not one of them has given me the return on my investment that working with Michelle has!

Thanks to Michelle’s brilliant coaching and spot on intuition, I was able to bust through money and personal blocks I didn’t even know had existed. I had my first 5-figure launch after our intense session on knocking down my money blocks and I’m on track to have my biggest year yet!

Do yourself, your business and your loved ones a favor, invest in working with Michelle. You will see tremendous results after just one session!

Thank you Michelle for helping me get out of my own way!

Founder of The Confident Entrepreneur Academy
October 2015


All because Michelle Simmonds is generous enough to share her *ridiculously* valuable gift(s) with the world.

I’m literally buzzing over here. Can’t wait to book more sessions with you!

Y’all – if you’re experiencing ANY kind of ick, ugh, stress, blah…ANYTHING that’s holding you back in your business (or your personal life!) PLEASE book a session with Michelle….before I seriously take them all.

Aloha + ferriswheels

Communication Stylist

I’ve had the privilege of working with Michelle for over 12 months. During this time Michelle has provided wisdom, guidance and insight into my life and business in the most profound (and accurate) ways. Each of our sessions have been incredibly invaluable in terms of helping me to understand and shift some limiting beliefs and has helped me to re-align with my purpose.

Every single session has empowered me to take strategic action in my business that “feels right and light”. The personal growth and transformation that I’ve undergone, thanks to Michelle’s insights and guidance have been phenomenal. The researcher and scientist in me was a little tentative to begin with, but within the first couple of minutes I knew Michelle was the “real deal”.

I love our sessions and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Michelle to others.

Every Chance to Learn
August 2015

Michelle’s coaching is very structured. She started with smaller goals for me to accomplish each week in line with my dream goal. It is amazing how much you can achieve when someone holds you accountable. She has taught me to be very specific in what I desire and the importance of affirmations.

Michelle’s techniques are encouraging and motivating and it is exciting to watch your dreams carefully unfold.

Thank you Michelle in helping me turn my dreams into reality.


Thanks so much for your coaching sessions, that have been a massive help. As an EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist, I am pretty hard to impress but you are so intuitive and hit the spot and your tips and homework have been exactly what I needed to do to get things moving. I have great things to report when I next speak to you. Also I wanted you to know that I really appreciate your organised style… it really helped to keep me focussed and I had no excuses.


From the start Michelle impressed me with her efficient and professional manner. Her approach inspired my confidence in her as my Coach. I particularly liked her ability to sift through my thoughts and identify the goal and steps for me as my way forward. She was very supportive and I thank her for being there when I needed her.


I engaged Michelle as my life coach because I needed some focus and direction in my life and I certainly got that.

Michelle has been an inspiration as a Life Coach. Her methods and techniques are innovative, personable and extremely structured. She is so easy to talk to. I was so impressed with her empathic approach to making me understand that if you truly believe it, you can make your dreams a reality. Michelle’s willingness to listen and her thorough questioning techniques enabled me to have clarity, focus and direction. Michelle is a great practitioner of EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) which is great for removing blockages – it helped me immensely.

I really looked forward to our coaching sessions each week. I personally recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to achieve their goals and dreams.

Thanks again for everything Michelle.

Labrador, QLD

Michelle Simmonds has helped me, using EFT and Life Coaching, with a huge turning point in my life, which was based around fears and self doubt. Being told I was worthless as a child and especially during adolescence, I emotionally believed it to be true, however at a head level knew this was not so. This caused a great imbalance in my life and I found it impossible to advance with anything in my future.

Working with EFT, Michelle has helped me balance my emotions to my head. If I feel myself retreating into old patterns, I tap them away knowing what I was told was untrue. I really believe in myself.

Since working with Michelle people have commented on a change in me. To these people it is a subtle change, but for me it is enormous.

I often find myself smiling when I have completed a task I previously couldn’t finish or sometimes could not even start.

Thank you Michelle.


Michelle’s intuitive and thoughtful approach has allowed me to work through issues at a pace that suits me. She is always patient and her warmth radiates throughout each session making me feel at ease. Her guidance has allowed me to see phenomenal results in my emotional well being and allowed me to shine at my highest potential.

With love and gratitude


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