Intuition or Divine Inspiration?

First I should explain the difference between inspiration and intuition for me. When I’m working in an inspired manner I feel light, energised and vibrant which is different to when I’m working with my own intuition (or tuition from within) which is more...Read More

My 10 Commitments For A Brilliant 2017!

  My 10 commitments for a brilliant 2017!   At the beginning of every year many of us create a vision board and a list of goals to focus on achieving.  These goals require a daily, weekly or monthly commitment. To achieve my goals (whilst remaining sane..) I...Read More

Success Requires Confidence!

          Success Requires Confidence! If you are lacking in self-confidence it will directly affect your business success and your prospective clients will pick up on it straight away. Once you are confident in your abilities, your product...Read More

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